Sketching Your Creative Work Life

So, a somewhat more serious project is not so much launching as lurching forward, because I’m starting to trickle out blog posts now and will slowly ramp it up as I have time to over the summer and fall:

Sketching Your Creative Work Life is a blog that focusses on topics related to creative practise and trying to get things going so as to ditch the day job.

Categories will include: dealing with obstacles; branding; maintaining focus; change & adaptability; creative process; ideation; balance; integration; dealing with blocks; etc.

Posts are drawn from my own experience, my pet peeves, mistakes I’ve seen others make, tips that have helped me, as well as food for thought from media stories, books I’m reading, etc.

There may eventually be videos going alongside the blog (read: there totally will be but I don’t know when I’ll get around to starting with those so I’ll pretend I’m not sure yet).