Blog: September 24, 2015

Big sale on sheers and drapes at Jysk this weekend, and it just so happens the living room window treatments are next on my hit list. So, I go, and had my eye on the display of one sheer curtain that had an embroidered branch and blossom motif all over (shut up, I’m a girl, I’m allowed to like that crap).

The weird thing was that there was no corresponding stock on the shelves, nor even a tag for it. Huh.

One of the sales guys was in the area and must have seen the confusion on my face and offered to help. Of course, it turns out my first pick has been discontinued. He did offer me a great deal on the one on display, but see, the problem is I need 4 to cover the living room window, so, thanks but no thanks.

He offered to call their Delta store to see if they had any left, but honestly, I’m too lazy to drive to Delta for curtains.

Anyway, found a white sheer that looks plain until the light shines through and you detect a subtle white on white paisley pattern. Eight bucks a panel, so $32 in total when I had budgeted $100 for the sheers. SOLD!

Now to figure out what the Hell to do for the actual drapes, but meh, first things first: hem and hang the sheers.

On Monday. Because lazy.

In other vital drapery news, I asked my father (who I live with) if he has any preferences about the drapes.

His response? “Whatever” and a shrug.

Man, someone likes to live dangerously… Luckily for him, I’m not the sort to go for Barbie pink with purple tassel trim, though I am highly tempted to add a pompom trim to the drapes I’ll get, which will likely be some form of grey.

And if he doesn’t like the pompoms, well, I would point out that “whatever” includes pompom trim.

Just sayin’…