Blog: September 28, 2015

Laser day today, ie, getting my no longer wanted pin up boy tattoos zapped for the seventh time.

The pain is way less now that most of the ink is gone, although not so much that the tattoos aren’t still visible (albeit much faded).

We joked about how their hair has gone grey from the original black: “They’ve gone grey from the stress of being under attack,” Ed said.

And then I put on a whiny impression of the tattoos: “Sniff… sniff… She doesn’t like me anymore!”

No shit.

Anyway, so there was that. Also a trek to Dressew for some nice but cheap trim for the new living room drapes. I had been thinking blue pom pom  edging, but not at $3.39/metre when I need 20 metres. Instead, I found some teal with gold flecks twisted loop fringe for 99 cents a metre.

Not that it’ll get added anytime before next weekend. Probably.

What else?

New white and blue bathroom cabinet knobs arrived today. Cheap on eBay… and, probably related to that, while I ordered 4 white and blue, I got 3 white and blue and 1 white and gold.

I think I’ll chalk that up to a Bohemian mismatched eclectic vibe and not worry about it.