Blog: October 21, 2015

A few weeks back I was at the Burnaby Homesense and spotted a 5′ x 3′ white and turquoise rag rug I liked on clearance for $38.

I hemmed and hawed and put it back since I could afford it more than I could justify it.

Damn thing stuck in my head, though. 

Now, I’m not one for their annoying commercials where vapid broads flop around on the sofa moaning about the great finds they put back that haunt them because someone else bought it; in fact I loathe those commercials. They’re just things, ya dumb broads. And almost all of them nearly useless things.

So someone else got that rug. Good for her. I don’t need one. And I’ll find some other rug some other time.

Anyway, after writing the final in my income tax class on Tuesday I wanted to pop by the Michael’s next to said Homesense in order to grab a couple notebooks for business planning ad doodling. That task done, I figured I’d see if there was anything interesting on clearance.

I found a couple tea light holders I liked that were cheap enough, then wandered and looked in the carpet section since I am looking for a (much larger) area rug for the living room.

On the way there something catches my eye: it’s that same turquoise and white rag rug. 

Still there a month later. 

Still $38 on clearance. 

Couldn’t shake the thought that it sat there waiting for me.

Fuck it, I bought it, and put it at the foot of my bed.

And it occurred to me there’s a lesson in there for me or just a metaphor. Something about what else might be waiting for me to make up my damn mind and take it.

And I don’t mean in any damn Homesense.