Blog: October 23, 2015

Nice to see my old friend here thriving again since I moved him into the back office. I’d had him in the dining room for a few years where he wasn’t doing so well, then the living room (ditto).

I forget exactly what kind of plant he is, but he’s related to those prayer plants, and at some point I saw an entry on his kind in a plant book warning they need a lot of fussy care and they usually die quickly so don’t bother.

I’ve had him for 20 years, though. When he was out in the dining room he was shrinking/dying back and I figured that was it and his time was coming.

Funny thing is, there’s less light back here in the office and I forget to pay much attention but he seems to thrive on that and has grown back with a vengeance. Guess he has low self-esteem.

And clearly he doesn’t read plant books.