Blog: October 27, 2015

My text: “tomorrow @ 12?”

His reply: “5:15?”

My reply: “Sure, see you then!”

And with that I stuck my phone back in my bag. The little break in recording the next couple episodes of The Dry Shave Show was done anyway; back to work trying to strike a delicate balance between enjoying Ivan and Byron’s banter and laughing my ass off and trying to not laugh since laughing made my sides hurt after today’s personal training session.

Driving home, though, I realized, oh shit. In theory, I’m supposed to start my Excel Level 2 class tomorrow at 6:30 and there’s no way I’ll make it in time if we’re doing that guitar lesson at 5:15.

Funnily enough, texting him back to reschedule the lesson only flickered through the realm of possibilities for a split second before I decided no, fuck it, I’m not rebooking that lesson, even though that would be the obvious and easiest solution.

I also briefly debated just skipping the first class and later claiming to be have been sick, but decided against it.

That left one option: ditch Excel.

I don’t know why, exactly… well, I sorta do.

See, this Excel class hasn’t seemed all that real ever since I registered for it. And it particularly hasn’t seemed like it was actually going to happen since it dawned on me a few days ago that it’s supposed to be starting this week.

And furthermore since it’s for shits and giggles and skill building (ie: I do not need to have taken the class, I just need to know the material), it’s crossed my mind a few times to just ditch the class and work through the textbook’s exercises and call it a day.

And so, on the flimsiest of scheduling conflicts, I made the snap decision that that is what I’m going to do.

I’ll call them first thing in the morning and drop the damn thing, which is to say I am done with school as of whenever I finish my payroll exam on Saturday morning (probably by 10:15am).

I’m sure other people would think that was the precisely wrong way to do things, but meh, if I gave a shit about doing things the “right way” I’d either be a doctor or a rock star depending whose dictates I deemed right.