New Facebook page thing

Looks like it’s about time I made a fan page to spam my content from, not because I have any sort of large fan base but because making posts on my personal profile public has started to lead to random idiots squawking on them (eg. the post about the city of San Francisco needing to clean up Justin Bieber’s stupid promotional graffiti) and I figure I should separate that crap from my own personal stuff even if there’s 90% overlap.

Now, since I do a mix of comedy, music, ranting, writing, etc. I decided to just go with “Entertainer” as my category, even though I suspect that’s usually code for “Escort.” Guess I’ll just disappoint people hoping for titty pics and a booking email.

Anyway, like my dumb page if ya want. I shall post links to my various podcasts and projects as needed, plus the odd snarky remark and photo.