The Rock N Roll Blather Show – January 30, 2016

This week’s top stories: Guns N Roses has an innovative new plan to sell $2500 VIP packages that don’t involve meeting the band; Vince Neil signs up to get fired by the Terminator on the new Celebrity Apprentice; Scottish pigeons look forward to a new bronze statue of Bon Scott to crap on; Nickelback infuriates hipsters by starting work on a new album; and you can blame Bowie for Trent Reznor’s sobriety.

Plus: Phil Anselmo vs. SJW fans with no sense of humor; Bret Michaels’ childhood home burns down and Pyra snickers at the Blabbermouth snark about it; Al Jourgensen has a new project with a very interesting name; Anthrax are officially museum relics now; Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed leave the Dead Daisies, who only deemed it necessary to replace Fortus; and someone decided to start the First Annual Vegas Hair Metal Awards… and only 25 years too late.

All this and some upcoming Vancouver concert dates.

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Video version with just the top 5 news stories of the week:

And the extended podcast version with more stories and more snark: