Goddamn it.

Woke up around 11, rolled over and dozed off again. 11:45, woke again, grudgingly accepted I should get up and do some pranayama, long breath cycles of 5 counts in, 8 counts hold, 10 counts out, 6 counts hold, for about 13 minutes or so.

Then, fuck it, back to bed.

Just before 1 I determine I really should go to the gym, get dressed, chug a protein drink, and go.

Get honked at on the way there by someone who doesn’t like that I pause to look for oncoming traffic before making my right turn. Asshole.

Once at the gym I discover I didn’t bring a water bottle. Crap.

Well, there’s a drinking fountain by the weight room, and I used to go for hour long power walks with sprinting intervals with no water bottle because I was too lazy to carry one, so whatever. The fountain will do.

I proceed to the rowing machine, turn the lever on the flywheel to level 4 as is the new normal since New Year’s, put on my armband iPod holder thing, pop in my earbuds and get to work, as hard as I can in the first minute, then level off to a semi-comfortable 28-30 strokes per minutes.

Which is slow, apparently, but it’s about what I can maintain for my alloyed 1250 metres.

The shin splints come on earlier than usual but I ignore them as usual. I’m tired today, so I figure I’ll come in 30 seconds over my recent personal best, but whatever. I made myself come, and that’s the important thing.

I try to focus on my breathing rather than my dread of the Stairmaster Stepmill which is next on my schedule today.

Somewhere around 6 and a half minutes or so I feel weird little popping sensation in my right arm, then a sharp pain shooting down to my fingers, then a heavy weakness.

I should have stopped immediately, but I wanted to finish my last 150m, so I changed to an underhanded grip which hurt less and finished at 7:33.

In retrospect, that was fucking retarded.

I had a hard time picking up my towel and notebook and thought I might faint from the pain as I got up and slunk back to the change room. I sat on a bench and rubbed my arm, trying to figure out what just happened and where.

The pain felt like it originated where the deltoid meets the bicep sorta on the front outside part of the arm at the level of the armpit/shoulder joint but away from it. Which might indicate it’s not a rotator cuff issue.

Except as I delicately tested range of motion, different points ached in accordance with the list of symptoms of a rotator cuff injury as per my Google search.


Well, not going to tabata class tomorrow, that’s for damn sure.

Went home, changed, had some difficulty getting out of my tank top, but oddly no issue with the sports bra (Victoria’s Secret back-hook sports bra for the win! Had I worn one of the standard ones you have to pull on over your head, my only option would have been to cut it off.)

The pain had mostly subsided to a dull ache, though fastening and unfastening my seatbelt irked it and resulted in sharp pain again. Took a couple Advils, booked myself a physiotherapy assessment for Monday, and texted my personal trainer that we’ll have to stick to lower body work on Friday’s session or else cancel.

Hopefully it all sorts itself out with no major issues.

And at least this time I’m going to physiotherapy. I had a couple nasty injuries in 2013 that I simply iced and rested until they healed. (Calf strain/pulled that knocked me out for a month, and six months later I think I tore a shin muscle. It actually squeaked when I flexed my foot and I could barely walk for a few weeks. My personal trainer almost throttled me when she heard I’d never gone to the doctor with it.)

So, anyway, guess I’ll be taking it easy for a while. That and doing some energy healing stuff on my own along with the physio.