Under My Skin Podcast v2.0: Episode 0

Yes, as per the title, change is afoot here.

Pyra makes a decision about the future of the show: she’ll change the direction and format of this show to be more of a reflection of her changing priorities and direction in life. This week’s in-between episode is a wrapping up of the old version of the show and a preview of the new, in which Pyra talks about stand up comedy and her other projects and her new old obsessions.

She then talks about mini-retreats, new priorities and practises, and gives side notes on why you probably don’t want to search for “Tibetan sky burial” on YouTube (with a side note on the side note about the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party, gawking tourists, and pissed off monks), when karma’s kinda funny, and weird anxiety about rising tides.

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