Saturday, so far

Wake at 11:00, piss, back to doze.

Phone call at 11:40, make plans with my brother for tomorrow.

Guess I’d better get up. Contacts, brushed teeth, check the scale – half a pound less than yesterday. Good.

Sit in pranayama for the appointed 13 minutes. 8 seconds in, 16 seconds out… occasionally I make it to 20. Not bad.

Getting up, I notice my lower back is complaining. Tough shit. It passes anyway.

Now where to? I told my personal trainer I would do some long walks this weekend. Don’t feel like driving into town to walk on the beach, and I was there yesterday anyway.

I drive to a corner of the river trail, park, set my phone timer and go. Mostly manage to maintain a mindful emptiness of thought for the first 20 minutes or so before I start thinking whether I’ll make it to a certain point or not before I have to turn around (I don’t) and from there the floodgates open.

Workout plans and schedules for the late spring and summer. Budget and cash flow concerns. What to write my assignment on. Why did I even take that class in the first place. Will so and so agree to come see Joan Jett and Heart with me next week. Tomorrow’s Zamo the Destroyer. Looking in people’s yard to envy those with pools. (Well, at least it’s a benign envy rather than a malicious one…)

Finally I arrive back at my car. An hour and 40 seconds, 3.43 miles, averaging 3.4 mph (so mostly faster as I started out slow). Fastest mile in 17:09.

Not a bad start to the day.

Now to go deal with Zamo and finish reading Conscious Living