Yours truly, the neighbourhood service provider

I get back from the grocery store and there’s a pedestrian taking cell phone photos of our plum tree, which is currently a giant pink cloud spreading about 8′ wide, and the Japanese quince. Pretty common this time of year, actually.

Goes to show: by being the last single family home on the block and having made even the laziest efforts at gardening (in this case 20 years ago when we planted that tree as a waifish sapling) we ended up serving not only all the little birds and insects that flock here, but the humans too. The next closest garden is 2 blocks away, and it’s certainly much nicer, but… two blocks away. So we’re the ones providing the pretty nature service to the locals here, at least until we move away someday and the place gets ripped up for more ugly townhouses with their postage stamp “gardens” with their uniform strata-dictated ugly evergreen shrubs.

My main regret is that the pink dogwood planted at the same time as the plum didn’t make it through the first winter, it would have been spectacular by now.

Also, I should have planted at least 3 times as many daffodils last fall. The ones I have look nice, but scattered, and if I try to fill things in this fall, I’ll likely forget where they were all planted and end up killing the existing ones. Oh well… given a few years they should start replicating themselves.

Also, note to self: prune the damn lilac. I forgot to last year and now all the buds are leaf buds not flower buds. Crap. ONLY FLOWERS ON NEW WOOD… damn it.

Well, at least I won’t have that issue with the magnolia, which is loaded with hundreds of flower buds:


Here are a few other pics from the front yard today:




Close-up of the plum blossoms.


Ancient crocuses – I think I planted a circle of these around each tree in ’97 or ’98; but there’s just the one clump at the base of each tree, the rest have died off.


The quince.





And the spiraea.