Tattoo cover-up #2, phase 3

Last time: phase 2

Well, time to add to my passionflowers today… I was braced for a monster 4 or 5 hours, but, alas, like last time, no mid-tone purple ink (last time, my artist had only just run out the week before and was waiting on a shipment… which never came. He re-ordered it a week and a half ago, but this place tends to take 2-3 weeks for delivery. God help them if they fail to deliver this time because I can tell he’s getting kinda pissed at the ink company…)

So, we decided to do some leaves today and leave a space for the third passionflower for next time (in 3 weeks). This meant a short session of just over an hour, but since one of the new leaves was quite close to my armpit and another was on top of the shoulder in the bony part, an hour was long enough.

Granted, the third passionflower will be going in a less-sensitive area, so if we’d been able to do it today, that extra needle time wouldn’t have been much of an issue, just like the third leaf on the side/back of the arm barely registered.

Anyway, I don’t have in-progress pics today since we didn’t really take any breaks, other than for about 2 minutes in the middle, so here’s the afters:


You can see the red Sharpie marks where we were figuring out where the third passionflower will go, plus the two front leaves.

And, just barely, the legs of the old pin-up boy tattoo, who will continue mooning the world for another three weeks.

And here’s a different angle to show the third leaf:


We’ll add more leaves next time, too, and color in the passionflower on my shoulder to match the one on my bicep.