Tattoo cover-up #2, phase 4

Last time: Tattoo cover up #2, phase 3

Well, finally done the actual artwork part of the left arm tattoo. Next time it’s all background shading.

I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck, though today’s session was only 2.5 hours and not particularly painful… well, yes, on the shoulder when coloring in the second passionflower that we hadn’t been able to color in due to an ink issue. That part hurt, being right on the bony part of the shoulder.

Plus some of the third passionflower was a little more sore, the part towards the lower back of the arm.

But still. Not horrific.

Pics: stencil:


It’s faint here, but you can make out the legs of the old pin-up boy tattoo, which are now finally covered up.

Part of his ass is still hanging out, though its harder to figure out what it is. That’ll get covered when the background shading goes in.

Here it is part-way through, with the purple shading in, showing both passionflowers being worked on:


And here’s the finished two passionflowers. First, the top one:


And the bottom one:


So, next session will be background on this arm. I’ve decided it can wait until after my bellydance class recital in early June, so I get a couple months’ reprieve.

But at least the worst is now over.