Where things are at right now

On the off-chance that anyone is wondering, here are a few updates:

1. Yeah, I’m not doing stand-up comedy anymore.

‘Twas fun, but I could take it or leave it and I mostly found myself leaving it.

I know guys who are hardcore about comedy; it’s something they have to do no matter what. I simply don’t have that drive… I suppose I couldn’t care less, really.

Maybe I have a knack for it or at least for comedy writing, but it’s not what I was put on earth to do.

2. I’m also not really doing the podcast thing anymore either.

Well, except for Zamo because it’s fun and quick and I love that malicious little iguana, and of course I did Zamo as a webcomic for a few years in the past, so it’s an ongoing thing.

And the Dry Shave Show is still fun and not too imposing on my life.

Which is why 3. I’m not really updating this blog much anymore.

That might change, of course, but for the foreseeable short term it likely won’t.

4. I don’t know what I’m doing with maQLu either.

I’m not writing new songs and I have a hard time making myself practise guitar or bass either (and if I didn’t have a certain ulterior motive there, I probably would have completely slacked off on that too.)

Does this mean no more maQLu? Dunno.

For the last 20 years or so, I seem to go in cycles of making a ton of music, then a few years of not making any at all, then back at it but with a different focus. It happens that the maQLu releases all happened during one of the productive phases of this cycle, and now I’m into a “not happening” part of the cycle.

It’ll probably come back, the music that is… but as to whether it’ll be maQLu? Well, certainly won’t be the maQLu the 15 people who actually listen to that project like. No more industrial noise; that much is certain. It bores me to tears now.

5. So what happens in that “not happening” part of the cycle?

Art happens. The visual sort.

It was in a previous “not happening” part of the cycle that I did the original run of Zamo the Destroyer webcomics, had a couple paintings in a couple (admittedly half-assed) gallery shows. Another such period had me designing and getting my original tattoos and doing a lot of fetish art. Other times I’ve done a lot of sewing and the like.

So, what have I been doing lately?




And this:



Basically, it seems it’s time to move back to visual arts for a while. Dunno how long.

I have some ideas for series and what sort of themes I’ll want to work with and media, but it’s too early to start blathering about all that yet until the work is at least in progress.

Now, it seems to me that either painting is a way on procrastinating on music stuff or music is a way of procrastinating on painting stuff, and right now I can’t tell which is which, but at least for the next little bit I’ll mostly be working on painting and drawing stuff, except for Zamo, the Dry Shave Show, and my ulterior motive guitar and bass stuff.

I’ve also been dancing more, but that’s neither here nor there. And I paint my nails in all sorts of frivolous manicures as per the top image, but that’s also irrelevant.

Not sure how much I’ll post here, guess it’ll sort itself out eventually. Some sketches (and stupid nail art pics!) will get posted to my Instagram if you want to check that out: instagram.com/pyradraculea

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