Today’s sketch: August 26, 2016

Yeah, I’m still painting, though right now it’s more brainstorming and sketching and I’ve been lazy about posting.

Anyway, I have a couple ideas about a series wherein they’re a bunch of diptychs with one side being an abstracted rendering of some ugly condo crapola from Vancouver and construction blah blah blah, and the second side is taking the same scene but translating its elements into nature forms, particularly deserts as it ties in with old ideas in songwriting that came up on Divisive linking cities and deserts (particularly on “Whip the Dogs” and “Persona Non Grata” but neither really dwells on that idea which I was obsessed with in 2011 and 2012 because it seems to me Vancouver can often be a human desert even if it’s technically a rainforest… blah blah blah…

In either case, I want the first layer to be a swirling blue sky which then gets covered up by more blocky forms, hence the underpaintings above.


Swirling sky closeup

Here’s a sketch and thumbnail for one of the diptychs, whether it’ll actually look like that when done, I dunno:

Diptych thumbnail sketch, August 26, 2016

Not going for realism in either the urban form or the natural form, but I’m not trying to go completely unrecognizable, either. Think more like flat forms as if cut out of construction paper, only it’s acrylic paint.