Today’s art: August 27, 2016

Guess I should stop calling these posts “Today’s sketch” when they aren’t necessarily.

Anyway, got up today, decided to do the painting equivalent of doodling on these two canvases (that had previously been underpainted as described here), outlining a jagged heart and rays/shards in masking tape and swirling over the shapes with a mix of yellow and gold, then lightly dry brushing some gold over the bottom. I then figured I’d do a more organic version of the image on the red canvas and realized I kinda have a diptych thing going.

After removing the tape and letting the gold layers dry, I decided to mess around with some pouring medium and add some energy flow between the two sides, painting with a knife. Quinachridone crimson from the more organic heart on the left and interference blue from the jagged one on the right.

Still a work in progress, I think, but I’ll decide what else, if anything, to add tomorrow once everything’s dried.