The Zamo the Destroyer Show #102

Yeah, still haven’t done anything about the Soundcloud thing. Bad, Technical Support Monkey, bad! (ie, still haven’t updated my subscription, still tapped out for upload space… whatever)

Anyway, here is the link to listen directly on, or you can also grab it on iTunes or on Stitcher:

“Zamo complains that this outdoorsy bug seems to have infected the whole damn neighborhood STD-style, with the Churchman clan looking forward to snowshoeing, Mr. Hydell looking forward to banging ski bunnies, and Georgie insisting on dragging Zamo out for an autumn nature walk (thereby ruining Zamo’s TV-watching plans). Georgie also plans to go whale watching with money that would be best spent on berry treats for Iggy.

“Plus, Zamo tries to write a Last Will and Testament for Technical Support Monkey, but the chimp won’t sign it.”