Another finished bowl

Screwed up the last 3 bowls I tried to trim, so this is the only finished piece from the last 3 weeks’ throwing… well, I made 4 items in class today, but we’ll see how I manage on trim duty next week.

Fingers crossed.

Anyway, the glaze plan was a base dip in “Licorice” black glaze, then 3 partial edge dips: a tenmoku red, a floating blue, and a mossy tan which was expected to turn greenish. Then sprinkle some white over the top, but right now I forget whether it actually was the white glaze or just the nearly white oatmeal.


The red didn’t show up at all. Oh well, lesson learned.

I can’t tell which of the other two dips was mossy tan/green and which was floating blue since they both look kinda blue. There’s a difference, but both have a blue look and similar variegation. Should have taken notes, but oh well, clearly both work.

I mean, I think perhaps the mossy tan dip is the one on the left in this pic, but I’m not 100% on that. They do look more uniform in person than in the photos.

And I could have been a bit less sloppy with the oatmeal or white, but meh, this was more of a test of whether if would even show up.

Over all, I quite like the way this one turned out. Lots of nice detail in how the glazes melted together, and I even got some lavender areas coming out, a nice unexpected bonus.


We’re now done the throwing/building part of the class. Next week we trim and carve, the week after we glaze, the week after we just pick up and go home til January (which is a new class session, but everyone in the class is planning to repeat it for more practise, though I’ll probably move to the evening class rather than the morning class). Due to the number of times I messed things up and had to recycle the clay, I will be starting January with a half a bag of clay leftover, though I’ll probably still get a new bag of clay and hope that this time I fare better and manage to use up a bag and a half.

Anyway, said recycling means I have a lot of clay wedging in my future in the next couple weeks. Might as well get it done now so everything’s done and ready for January.