Recent pottery

Pottery class started up again tonight, so I got back the pieces I finished last class that were fired over the break.

This will be my last run with my current class location as we’re moving out of the Vancouver area this summer, but I’ll start up with a new pottery class/club in the fall.

Anyway, above: ocean mug. My first one attempting to attach a handle so far (I’ve been having enough troubles trying to throw vertical cylinders without adding a step.)


Winter birds cup
First attempt at a thrown box. It’s pretty wobbly, but I’ll have to practise more some other time.
Mountain juicer
Three colour bowl
Oval cup, because, well, it got a little squashed.
Inside rim of the oval cup.
Carved bowl
Inside rim of the carved bowl.

I threw about 8 pieces in tonight’s class, some of the were pretty good. Let’s see how they fare at the trimming stage next week.