Latest batch of pottery

Latest batch to come out of the kiln in my class.

Above: teeny vase. Glaze: tenmoku red, rim and collar dabbed in Barry White.

Above: Carved bowl. Some of the squiggles have completely vanished due to glaze thickness. Glaze: base layer of licorice, then 2 layers of blue-green, rim and centre bottom in Barry White.

Side view below:

Above: Another carved bowl. Should have been a bit more careful in applying the white glaze to the moon carvings, they’re messy. Oh well. Glaze: base layer of licorice, one side dipped in turquoise (very subtle), centre line and moons dabbed in Barry White.

Close-up of one of the moons:

Side view of the same:

Above: whale cup. Glaze: turquoise all over, bottom dipped in Daintry Blue, rim dipped in Barry White.

Above: Flange cup (using the term loosely, you couldn’t drink from it). Glaze: base layer of tenmoku red, bottom dipped in blue-green, top of flange dipped in licorice.

Top view of the same:

Above: this turned out surprisingly matte, which I like and which my teacher says is the normal way this glaze turns out, but I could have sworn I have another bowl with a Barry White base (same batch!) and just the rim dipped in something else and that one’s quite glossy. Go figure.

Anyway, glazes: base layer of Barry White, rim dipped in Daintry Blue, bottom dipped in blue-green.

Top view of the same:

I glazed another 5 or 6 pieces tonight, so we’ll see how those turn out next week.