Third to last batch of pottery this term

And also third to last here in Richmond… did I write about the move? Meh, can’t remember, too lazy to look it up, will probably write about things once I’m settled.

Anyhoo, last week I was just throwing and trimming, so these were actually glazed 2 weeks ago and brought home last week, but life has been busy and complicated with real estate shit, so I forgot to blog them up last week.

Above: Double dipped in licorice glaze, then wiped it off the high parts. After that, bottom dipped in Daintry Blue, and an all-over dip in turquoise. Compare with the last piece blow which received a similar treatment except with a mossy tan all-over coat rather than a turquoise coat.

Below: Double dipped in Blue-Green on the top, wiped the high points off, then dipped the whole thing in mossy tan, top rim dipped in turquoise but that doesn’t really show.

Above: Bottom dipped in floating blue according to my notes, but it sure looks more like Daintry blue to me, so I dunno. In any case, it got an overall dip in mossy tan and then turquoise.

Below: Blue-green double dip and then wiped off the high points. Barry White glaze on top of that all over, blue-green rim dip that dribbled down the side.

Above and below: Double dipped in licorice glaze which was then wiped off the high points. Then the bottom was dipped in Daintry Blue and it got an all-over dip in mossy tan, plus a Barry White rim. Inside view below.

Tonight I glazed 8 more pieces that I’ll pick up next week, and trimmed a few more that I will glaze next week and pick up at some point after then, so I’ll have a couple more batches to post about.

Over the weekend I was kinda figuring out my hobbies to be done in my new home along with clubs to join, etc. I’d kinda thought I might give pottery up… y’know, you accumulate a lot of Stuff as you make more pieces and all, and I’ll likely have to drive either an hour and 5 minutes in one direction or an hour and 3 minutes in the other to take classes either in Saanich or up in Parksville… but tonight carving the last batch of little cups I thought, no way. I’ll just have to suck it up and make the drive once a week.

As to which direction, well, I know what the Malahat is like in good weather and can extrapolate what it’s like in November, so maybe going up to Parksville is a better idea, but I’ll have to drive the road to see… based on the Google Street View, it seems Parksville is the better highway for sure.

And the Parksville guild puts on raku workshops and other fun stuff that the community centre in Saanich does not. Hmm…

But we’ll see. I’ll have other business to attend to down in Victoria, and from there Saanich is pretty damn close.