Second to last batch of pottery this term

Well, another 8 pieces received back from the kiln. Final batch comes back on July 5, not sure if I’ll do any more this fall as I get settled into my new location or if I’ll take a little break and get back at it next year.

Anyway… below: licorice glaze then wiped from the high points, whole thing dipped in Barry White, then the top and bottom quarters were dipped in oatmeal glaze (doesn’t really show much) and rimmed in licorice again.

Above: Barry White glaze, top then dipped in mossy tan glaze (the combo goes aqua, though mossy tan on its own is yellowish brown). Inside was poured with blue-green that dribbled out in this weird swirl.

Next two: Oatmeal glaze all over, topped with mossy tan (here more of a light sage green vs. the aqua when combined with Barry White, even though both Barry White and Oatmeal look pretty close to each other in shade). After that, rimmed in licorice, which dribbled/ran.

Below: two views of the same piece: mossy tan all over, bottom dipped in blue-green, inside also poured with blue-green that ran out in a couple streaks, mountains finger-painted with tenmoku red.

Next two: tenmoku red, then wiped off the high points. Whole thing then dipped in Barry White glaze, and then the outside and upper rim dipped in blue-green.

Below: Daintry blue, wiped off the high points. All over turquoise glaze, then bottom dipped in floating blue, mountains finger-painted with tenmoku red.

Above: Daintry blue, wiped off the high points. Then oatmeal glaze all over, bottom dipped in turquoise, top rimmed in Barry White. Here you can see the faint difference in colour where oatmeal is a warmer/yellower white and Barry White is a cooler/bluer white.

Below: Tenmoku red finger-painted on the islands first (others were done after the other colours). Then an all-over dip in turquoise glaze, then the bottom was dipped in blue-green. I think I also dabbed mossy tan onto the trees to make a green, but it doesn’t seem to show.

So far I think this is my favorite piece that I’ve done in these nature pieces. That may change come July 5 as I have 2 or 3 more carved in a similar manner that I just glazed, so we’ll see if those come back better.

In the little break that I plan on taking, I’ll be working with some of the same improvisational nature lines but seeing if I can get a similar fluidity in art quilts. I’ve seen it done with other people’s pictorial quilts, so it’s not so much if it can be done as it’s whether I can get the hang of it in a satisfactory manner.

I also need to get back to painting.

On the other hand, I’m also now writing new music, which of course takes precedence over pretty much everything else, even if it never gets released… which is a real possibility. Once upon a time I cared about exposure, now I care about satisfaction, and that has nothing to do with public release.