Wake up and smell the pulp mill

So, we’re moving to the middle of Vancouver Island, because fuck Vancouver proper, that’s why.

The new place is a few miles from a pulp mill, but on the 3 or 4 trips we made here in the process of searching for a house and then buying this one, we never smelled it anywhere near the property, though we certainly got whiffs of it elsewhere in our wanderings.

Yesterday we moved in, well, started to move in… my father and I are both packrats of varying degrees and despite purging a lot of my junk, it’s still going to take one more trip with the giant cube van to get all of my stuff here and possibly all summer to get his garage contents deposited on the grounds to reduce everyone’s property values in the neighborhood…

My junk in the corner of the basement. The rest of the basement is equally full of my junk.

… anyway, so this is the first time staying overnight here.

And it’s hot and there’s no breeze.

Well, there was one yesterday for five blessed minutes – we’re about a kilometre from the ocean, but surrounded by forest so you can’t tell, but for 5 minutes yesterday afternoon we had a strong ocean breeze coming past the trees into our living room and it was glorious. But I digress…

Point is, hottest weekend of the year so far, to the point where The Weather Network posted heat warnings. And no rain + no breeze = nothing to clean the air = the pulp mill smell started to weasel its way up to our neck of the woods by last night, aided and abetted by us having all the doors and windows open because of the heat.

Not a pleasant smell, the pulp mill… but it seems to bother my father more than me, probably because I’m allergic to just about everything and my sinuses are currently plugged up anyway.

At least we know from previous visits that it’s not always like this.

And I figure once I get the place loaded with houseplants and burn a bunch of incense and plant some roses and lilies and other fragrant flowers close to the house, that will help mitigate it as well.

Also mitigating: deer in the yard all the time (except when I raise my cellphone to get a picture of the little bastards), loads of birds including a raven or two, and this is what the backyard looks like:

Ocean is 2 properties and a steep drop-off behind those trees (all of which are mine) at the back. There are 2 beaches within a 15 minute walk from my front door, one in whichever direction I turn.

I can learn to live with the occasional pulp mill stink. That’s why God created those weird Glade jelly air fresheners.