The Dry Shave Show #116: Social Media Gives You Cancer

Well, this is it: my last podcast with The Dry Shave Show now that I’m out of town. Actually, the Dry Shave Show’s last podcast ever, as Ivan and Byron are moving over to YouTube instead from now on.

It’s been a fun couple of years, thanks for having me on, guys!

Facebook (and social media in general) rots your brain, but Byron’s addicted to the attention while Ivan couldn’t care less since no one dares like his posts anyway. We also discuss living your life through your iPhone, concern trolling, Islamophobic Pokemon parody stickers, celebrity political opinions, a mysterious jump in sex assaults at Swedish music festivals, and how much God (or was that the Deep State?) hates the Kennedys.

Then Ivan tells the tale of the pimp with the tiny penis and poor Byron has to endure yet another news discussion about ISIS crap and Ivan being right. Again.

Plus: We bid farewell to our producer/newsgirl Pyra Draculea, who caught the “Island AIDS” as her imaginary iguana friend Zamo the Destroyer puts it, and thus she is running away to live in terror of being murdered by mountain lions and such in the wilds of Vancouver Island.

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