Quilt stuff as of September

Long time no update, other than Zamo.

So, I seem to be settling in pretty well, actually to the point where it seems Vancouver was just one long bad dream and I’ve always been here… other than not knowing where some things are yet.

I guess that’s a good sign.

And with September, things are starting to happen again: namely: guilds are back.

I’m joining at least a couple quilt guilds – two in Nanaimo (traditional and modern) and I hear of a more local option that does mostly handwork but I haven’t popped in on them yet. I’ve also found a cross-stitch/embroidery/misc. needlework guild.

I haven’t heard of a knitting guild/club yet, though I hear the Tzouhalem Spinners do a bit of that. Maybe in January I’ll check them out… not that I’ll have any more or less free time in January, just that I guess I’m not ready to be an official spinster yet.

So, that means time to spend my spare time making shit in lieu of watching YouTube videos, unless it’s a stage of making shit that allows for listening to YouTube in the background.

My most recent finish is above – a quick and dirty quilted name tag for guild meetings, made out of scraps I had kicking around from other projects, including a little hand-embroidery.

Here’s a current round up of what I’m up to that isn’t finished yet:

1. Wedding quilt for my cousin:

Above: All the non-silver squares, all lined up.

Below: most recent: the reds and purples have all been made into half-square triangle units. I still have to do all the blacks, plus square them all up and cut off the corners and then sew each pair of matching HSTs into a diamond block to begin making the big chevron rows.

Then I make a back, which will likely be pieced from leftover fabric from the front, and I’m also thinking of making a co-ordinating bed runner if I have time before the May wedding.

I should probably make some pillow shams as well.

2. Baja

Started this wall hanging in the very dreary and sometimes even snowy month of March after a long cold winter.

Hypothetically speaking, I might have been jealous of a friend of mine who fucked off to Mazatlan to be a snowbird and was thus running around in tank tops instead of polar fleece.

It’s almost ready to quilt, I just have to add a border to the backing to ensure it’s big enough.

Above: front. Mix of appliqué and piecing.

Below: pieced back, inspired by some quilt I saw from one of the Island quilt guild blogs, probably Victoria Modern Quilt Guild but I don’t remember now and I’m too lazy to look it up.

They’re supposed to be sailboats, but they kinda look like shark fins. Either way, shit that I’m sure is plentiful in the waters off Mazatlan.

3. Unfinished jam space quilt

I’d forgotten about this one, it was started a few years ago to deal with a couple problems I was having at the old jam space: 1. I liked sitting on the floor and the cheap Old Navy jeans I wore had a tendency to bleed color onto the beige background of the IKEA Persian wool rug I’d brought in to warm up the floor a bit, and 2. even with the wool rug, the floor was cold.

It’s almost done, I just have to finish quilting the blues with the same pebbling free-motion quilt pattern I already started with ages ago.

I no longer have a jam space, nor do I tend to sit on that rug anymore, but this’ll make a cosy throw for the back of the sofa.

4. Wall hanging: Saltspring Through the Smoke

Just made this today, based on a photo I took at Osborne Bay beach last month when we were really sucked in with smoke from this year’s BC wildfires:

It’ll be pretty quick to finish this, it’s already pin-basted and ready to go, I just have to spend a couple hours free-motion quilting it and then bind it and it’s ready to hang.


I’m not bothering to count the abstract guitar-based quilt that’s all cut but hasn’t been pieced at all, or the assorted mini-fabric stashes I have around each with their intended project I haven’t started yet, or quilt ideas I have that I haven’t even bought fabric for yet, but here’s a rough sampling of some of those coming down the pike:

  • Baby quilts to donate through the guilds
  • charm pack table runner thing
  • series of 7 small art quilts based on the 7 chakras
  • music-themed quilted dustcover for the xylophone I just got
  • make a new lighter quilt for my bed, possibly use the first quilt I ever made which I now think is ugly as the inner batting layer
  • make some small art quilts in line with the techniques used in this series: Sewing with Nancy: Landscape Quilting for Beginners (and I used some of these techniques in my Saltspring quilt above)
  • I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch…plus there’s a stack of quilting mags that I swear have things I’m actually going to make one day.

Other stuff:

I’m knitting a bedspread for myself, based on a couple free patterns from Lion Brand:

Lovers’ Knot Afghan (main – I’m making 2 of these)
Erin Afghan (I’ll do 3 strips of this pattern for the sides and the middle between the others)

This is going to take ages. Maybe even a couple years.

Making a little embroidery sampler based on some doodles I made in a sketchbook. So far it’s mostly satin stitch, back stitch and split stitch. I plan on doing some modified blackwork in the top left, and similar patterns in the sky above the ocean scene and some other basic stitches like grapes made from French knots, etc.

Not sure how long this will take, but I also plan to do some cross-stitch bookmarks and whatnot after that.