“Stabby pictures,” as Zamo would say

(“Stabby pictures” being Zamos term for cross-stitch in a recent episode of The Zamo the Destroyer Show.)

I think I mentioned in passing a few weeks ago about me taking up embroidery.

Well, I’m now in at least one local needle arts guild (soon to be two, so depending when you read this it’s more than one), and I’ve been hoarding cross-stitch patterns old and new (new from eBay, Amazon, and The Stitcher’s Muse up in Nanaimo, old from various local thrift stores).

Aside from the embroidery piece I showed in the previous post, which I haven’t made progress on, I have a needlepoint lilies picture on the go and a few other things:

“Hallow Eden” by Plum Street Samplers:

Finished version here via their FB page, now I kinda wish I’d done it on blue instead of white/buff.

Also found a picture of a finished version of it on their blog here from a few years ago.

Anyway, I needed a nametag for my new guild, so I found some different alphabets online and charted up a design and made the thing way up at the top here on navy aida.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do the size math, and this was 14 count aida, so it ended up being about 7″ across. Far too big for a nametag, and I knew it very early on, but I figured it was good practise to finish it, and it’s in the middle of the bottom of a large piece so I can design some sort of sampler above it. I have an idea about some sort of nature scene but haven’t charted it up yet.

So I had to redo it all, on 22 count aida, which I first prepared by using Tulip fabric spray paint to get a nice mottled blue background, then I attached it to some felt and a pin backing:

So, more textiles stuff. In theory I can go around the procrastination circle and still get shit done: work on quilts to put off working on music, work on cross-stitch to put off working on quilts, work on weaving to put off working on cross-stitch, work on music to put off working on weavings, etc.