Quilting updates

Working on some dye experiments on muslin for future quilting and for a demo I’ll probably do for my guild in a month or so, and I’m still working on my cousin’s quilt and a few others, but I did have a couple things to show for the last month.

Salt Spring Through the Smoke:

Now complete. Here’s a shot I took after quilting but before binding:

You can sorta see the free-motion quilting, but here’s a few closeups:

I still have to tack on some small hanging loops on the back and stick it on the wall somewhere, but I’ll figure that out later.

Also, you can see me holding it up at my guild meeting a week ago, along with some of the other gals’ show and tells here: Nanaimo Modern Quilt Guild on Instagram

Aside from that, I did a workshop at Kaleidoscope Quilt Company last week called Paint, Stitch, and Embellish. The bee up top was done in there and I also started an ocean scene with feathers and trim on top of one of the painted muslin panels:

That’s as far as I got in the workshop, but over the weekend I finished it off at home and stuck it in a shadowbox (since the shell beads stick out too much for regular framing and it’s kinda too delicate to actually quilt and hang on the wall like I normally do):

The finishing done at home was all by hand; in the workshop it was all by machine.

I was gonna add a fish or two to the top but by the time I got it all done I figured that would make it too busy. But I also did 10 other small pieces of muslin painted/dyed/stencilled, and several of them are blue and ocean-ish, so I can do my fish idea on one of them instead and still have a bunch of others to experiment on: