First cross-stitch finish from a real pattern

Technically, my first cross-stitch finish and my first and so far only FFO (finally finished object) is my guild name tag, but that’s different because reasons.

Anyway, just finished the above piece, which is in the October 2017 issue of Just CrossStitch. It’s a bit of a funny shape that won’t fit standard frames, and the easel chalkboard thingy I saw at Michael’s that I thought might fit it was sold out when I went today, so I might just make a flatfold as per Vonna’s tutorial.

Will it happen before Hallowe’en 2017?


Anyway, time to move on to new stuff. I have a hoard building that I won’t bother to list here, but here’s a taste of my latest aida spray job:

It’s for this Hands On Design chart:

I’m kitting it up today along with a bunch of stuff from the Just CrossStitch 2017 Christmas issue, will probably get the Christmas stuff done first and start on the beach in the shittiest part of January when I’ll want a little beachy make-believe.