FlossTube #1 – November 12, 2017

Cougars & thrift store finds & fabric spray paint, oh my!

So, after a couple months of getting into cross-stitch and watching FlossTube videos, I figured it would be fun to start doing them myself.

In this first video, I give a small sampling of my stash, show off a couple FFOs, other finishes, WIPs, plus a bit about my other pursuits and projects and the story of a couple near-run-ins with the local mountain lion. There is also a cacophony of “um”‘s and I express my fondness for Canadiana designs amidst my semi-patriotism for “one of the least worst places on earth” – a ringing endorsement by my standards, believe it or not.

So I’ve started on the FlossTube bandwagon. We’ll see how often or how long I keep it up, but hey, at least I started.