The Zamo the Destroyer Show #156

New episode of The Zamo the Destroyer Show:

Listen via Mixcloud above or here is the link to listen directly on, or you can also grab it on iTunes or on Stitcher:

“So far 2018’s shaping up to be a crappy year for Zamo, what with the rain and the snow and the rain again and neither Georgie nor Technical Support Monkey being willing to follow the New Year’s Resolutions Iggy made for them.

“On the bright side, Mr. Hydell will be coming by en route to another hunting trip, but in the meantime Zamo has to deal with Georgie hogging the TV to watch the Real Housewife Hookers of New Jersey instead of getting off her ass and going to work.

“Even worse, Georgie still hasn’t coughed up Iggy’s share of her real estate profits, as ordered by her Aunt Majorie (via Ouija board.)”

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