January 2018 quilt and cross-stitch finishes

Well, also a couple from December since I last posted on Dec 18

First, a couple cross-stitch finishes from December:

Above: Lizzie Kate’s “Happy New Year”. Below: a freebie which I think is by Northern Expressions:

I made a couple changes, doing a tweeded effect for all the colors (I think they gave Classic Colorworks thread suggestions, each with 2 or 3 possible DMC options to convert, so I did a strand or two of each DMC color.) And the pumpkins were supposed to be done with a smyrna stitch, which I couldn’t get right, so I improvised 4 different pumpkins on the fly.

Both of these have already been shown on my FlossTube videos (and I know I’m overdue to shoot a new one of those…).

New stuff:

Above: Lizzie Kate’s “I Can Drive a Stick.” Below: Bent Creek’s “Quaker Heart.”

I wasn’t crazy with how the DMC conversion on this ended up looking on my fabric. Mostly that’s my fault for not cross-checking the DMC flosses listed with the model picture on the front (some shades are way off! like hot pink when the picture shows burgundy!) and the blues were close enough to blend into each other and not fully show off the different parts of the motifs like they were supposed to, but also I sprayed for a green/grey background but it was a fair bit darker than the light greenish grey linen shown, so I should have adjusted the colors to stand out more considering that difference.

Plus, maybe it’s too obvious a choice or too hokey for a heart with a quote about love, but I kinda would like to see this more in a red/purple colorway.

Anyway, I’ll likely redo this one, and I’ve sprayed a lilac/silver aida to do it on. I think I have some good purples, reds, and burgundies picked out, but probably won’t get around to it any time soon. I’d been going to do it sooner as a gift for a wedding, but the wedding is sadly on hold, so… Yeah, maybe it’ll get done in 2019. :p

Above: this was a Cowichan Valley Needlearts Guild project, wherein we all did some small embroidery on paper pieces for use in greeting cards when the guild needs to send them out. The design is from a book one of the guild ladies brought (I forget the title).

Now, onto some quilts…

Above: my take on the “paint chip challenge” we did at the Nanaimo Modern Quilt Guild.

I pretty much never work with all solids, so that was a first, and the whole thing was done improvisationally. It was a fun project.

Below: finally finished the “Baja” quilt I started last March.

And the top photo is a detail of the back of sewing on the binding on a quilt I started in a workshop/class at Kaleidoscope Quilting back in November.

Heres the front:

Anyway, got a bunch of other projects on the go in both crafts, but other than on FlossTube and Instagram, I’ll skip showing the WIPs.