DIY Project: Lamps for the Spare Room

Another installment in the saga of the spare room (I mentioned making the curtains before).

So far the balance has been a little too much on the “shopping” side vs. the DIY side, but aside from the curtains I am making a woven wall-hanging (will post about that when it’s done) and a bed runner quilt (I have the fabrics for it but haven’t started yet).

This project was a bit of both. I saw a cute and reasonably cheap pair of aqua table lamps at HomeSense, but the room was already pretty heavy on the blues side and I figured it needed something a little punchier.

Rustoleum spray paint to the rescue, plus some pompom trim and polka dot grosgrain ribbon. (see above)

The before:

First up, I glued the pompom trim to the bottom of the shades with Tacky Glue, using quilt binding clips to hold it tight while the glue dried.

I also folded over and glued one end of the grosgrain ribbons so when that got added on the next day it would have a tidy end that wouldn’t catch or fray.

The next day I taped off the harps, cords, and felt bottoms of the bases and took them out to the carport to spray orange. It took 3 coats (with a couple hours’ drying time in between each one), but I’m not exactly the greatest spraypainter.

Plus, I spray too damn close and too damn thick, so there is some “orange peel” effect if you look close. Oh well.

(Being heavy on the paint came in handy in my other painting project of the weekend – helping put a couple fresh coats of flat white on the textured ceiling of my soon-to-be bedroom downstairs.)

Later on, I brought them in and set them on the hearth in front of the woodstove to help cure the paint overnight. Probably made no difference, but whatever.

I also glued the grosgrain on the shades. Realizing that I’m not the greatest with exactly matching distances, and that seeing one of them be a little off would probably drive me nuts, I figured I’d deliberately make the ribbon placements different:

I used painter’s masking tape to hold it in place as the glue dried, since on both shades the ribbon was beyond the reach of the binding clips:

So… the finished lamps:

(Won’t have pics of these in place until after I’m done moving into my new bedroom downstairs, after which I can finish setting up the spare room.)

Anyway, the lamps were $30 each, the ribbon and trim came to about $12 (but with a bunch left over for future projects, so I probably only used $4 worth on these lamps). Plus $8 for the spray paint, so total cost of $80.