DIY Project: Painting and tiling in my room

Well, this is more of a DID (Do it, Dad) rather than a DIY, though I did a large portion of the painting.

I realized in digging through my phone today that I never took any proper “before” pics. The closest I have is this one, after I already tore off the Mickey Mouse wallpaper border that went around the top of three of the walls:

But by the time this was taken last summer, we’d already ripped out the ancient wilted blue shag rug that had been glued directly onto the concrete slab. You can see some of the remnants of the glue still on the ground there.

In my January FlossTube video, I inserted a quickie video of the room as it was then, where you can see the Mickey Mouse mural that was on one of the walls:

(Starts about 5:45 in)

Anyway, we got moving on the room in January, first dragging all the clutter out, then Dad scraped the rest of the glue off the floor and sanded off Mickey and did a bit of patching on the walls.

He also took out the ugly fluorescent light fixture, which was eventually replaced with my old ceiling fan that we brought from the old house. (It still hasn’t gotten its blades put back on yet, but I’ll get around to that eventually.

And nope, no photos of the old light. Probably for the best.

Next up was some grinding on the floors to level out a bit and then Dad installed the wiring for the in-floor heating:

Then covering all that in mortar before laying tile:

Grout, sealing, etc., and we were ready for painting the walls…

Well, until I noticed how badly the ceiling was stained… so there were a few days’ delays for cleaning and painting the damn popcorn ceiling. Then the light part of my ceiling fan could go up so I could get an accurate sense of the light in the room to pick my colour, which had been narrowed down to the following 4 from the big huge stack of paint samples up at the top of this post:

In the end and in the sunlight the next morning, I picked the second from left.

Dad did the edge cutting and I did the rolling on the first coat, then I did the second coat on my own.

It’s funny to think about my teen and twentysomething goth self, who would probably be horrified by these colours. But hey, I prefer pops of bright (and even dark) colours still, but pops only, and against a more neutral base.

Besides, I still live in black and saturated reds and purples when it comes to my clothing, but it’s exhausting to live in whole roomfuls of them now.

Anyway, there is still a pop of colour – the red stripe on the bulkhead and wrapping around the window that was there from the previous owner.

I picked up a batch of paint chips of bright red and found Behr’s “Stiletto Love” was the closest to what was there already. I picked up a quart of it and put on two coats with a brush, and thus the painting was done:

Next up: baseboards, putting the shelving into the closet, putting the closet doors back in, and then it’s time to start loading my crap in there.