DIY Project: Weaving for the spare room

I had picked up a couple weavings from Homesense for the spare room but decided I’d like a third weaving to go in between them (eventually over the headboard), preferably with some orange touches since the other two had blues and neutrals:

I was gonna be lazy and order either a weaving or a macrame piece, but couldn’t find anything I really liked at a price I was willing to pay, and certainly not with any orange to it.

I debated ordering a plain white cotton macrame piece and dyeing it, but meh.

So I remembered a weaving I’d started months ago, basically just warped the little makeshift loom and started some fringe and then set aside. I figured I’d give it a shot to finish it, kinda improvising it as I went using a variety of yarns.

(Very top of post: after adding a bit of orange fringe to the white fringe that was already there from when I started it.)

After the second evening of weaving, it was pretty much done:

Then it got set aside again for a few more days or a couple weeks or whatever it was while I tried to find the right branch for the top (for some contrast to the dowel rods on the other two, plus my weaving is rather… er… “organic” looking, which is to say mistakes were made.)

The plan is to remove the current “headboard” (read: old door the previous owners stuck on the wall and painted high-gloss chocolate brown), probably paint that wall some shade of blue for an accent wall, and make a new headboard that’s smaller and probably some sort of white and distressed look, then hang the three weavings centred over the headboard, with the one I made in the middle and slightly higher than the other two (mostly to have the right symmetry and also to give room for the long fringe and also the width of the branch). Until then, it’s hanging off to the side.