The Zamo the Destroyer Show #160

(Figured I’d start mixing up the top image of Zamo a bit more – this is from a painting I did back in 2006 or 2007 or so, called “Prelude to Playing the Godzilla Game.”)

New episode of The Zamo the Destroyer Show:

Listen via Mixcloud above or here is the link to listen directly on, or you can also grab it on iTunes or on Stitcher:

“Poor Zamo is still stuck up at Technical Support Monkey’s house while Georgie is off in Montreal for some reason. At least Chimpette took Zamo the gem show and bought Iggy some green rocks, but she still refuses to relinquish the cushy spare room bed or control of the TV remote.

“Later, when Zamo crashes a Skype between Technical Support Monkey and Whatsisface Guitar Dude, Ig finds he hasn’t bothered to get Ig’s money back from Ig’s deadbeat loser cousin Bopinu. Even worse, he takes Technical Support Monkey’s side in the great spare room bed debate, among various other grievances.”