DIY Project: Distressed table

So, I’ve had this table since junior high woodworking class. I didn’t turn the pedestal, as that had been an abandoned project by some previous student, but I assembled it and I think I routered the edge of the top, then painted it black.

It’s always been a bit wobbly, but aside from that it’s been decent. Lately the legs started coming undone and I was kinda sick of the black finish, which has been getting trashed over the years as well. I got my dad to reglue the legs and shoot a few brad nails in to keep them in place, and over the last few days I’ve been adding a new shabby chic paint job.

I used a wet-distressed method where I painted and then wiped some off when it was still wet with a damp paper towel.

(All the paint I used was from Michael’s – their house brand of “ArtMinds” and the decor acrylic version… except the one layer that’s chalk paint because I messed up… but I’ll explain when we get there.)

First up, a layer of “Cayenne”:

And after distressing:

Then the next day, I hit it with “Antique Aqua”:

And after distressing:

I probably should have stopped there, but I’d pre-determined that I would finish up with a coat of the ArtMinds chalk paint in “Sea Glass.”

Big mistake. It looks good in the photo, but in reality it was almost white, and the paint wasn’t sticking too much and it dried too quickly so I was more scraping it off than wiping it off with my damp paper towels.

Plus the almost-white was too pale and too close to the color of the walls in my room, and I want this to stand out.

Basically, I hated it.

So I started all over again:

Much better now. And hey, the extra layers add more depth.