QuiltTube #1

Is QuiltTube even a thing? It should be.

Google was utterly useless, and all I found searching on YouTube were quilting tutorial videos, not individual quilters showing what they’re working on right now, plus recent finishes etc. the way it’s done on FlossTube.

Maybe the quilters call it something different, I dunno. Or maybe I’m the first, though I kinda doubt it. In any case, I just figured if cross-stitch/embroidery videos are called “FlossTube” then it makes sense to call it “QuiltTube” when I break the quilting part out of my FlossTube because it’s taking over and deserves its own videos.

So… here it is:

“Well, thought I should break the quilting projects out into their own videos instead of having them hog half my FlossTube time… speaking of FlossTube, there will be a new one in a couple weeks, pinky swear!

“Anyway, for this first QuiltTube, I give a bit of a tour of my sewing space at the end, plus I show some of the batiks I bought at the Victoria Quilters’ Guild show this week, and we have some finishes and WIPs.

“PS: I edited the crap out of this and it’s still super long… oops!”