FlossTube #6 – May 2018

“After a couple months of slacking, I’m back with another FlossTube, including a couple finishes and a couple near-finishes.

“I show some not-always-in-focus hand-dyed aida pieces, haul (so much for that stitch-from-stash New Year’s resolution), a bunch of WIPs including a poorly lit reshoot since the first time around I accidentally ended up flashing the chart for 2 whole minutes.”

Note: I figure since I’m going to be trying to stick to a once-monthly schedule for both QuiltTube and FlossTube, I’ll keep my quilting and stitching blogs together with my video posts and just post pics of the finishes (or FFOs when I get around to making some.)

So… close-ups of the two finishes from this one:

I also finished Hallow Eden after shooting the video, but I’m gonna be mean and not show it til next time, lol… that way it’ll match the video. Plus, I might well have tea dyed it by then, as suggested by a viewer way back on FlossTube #1 when I was lamenting having done it on plain aida.