DIY Project: Thrift Store Lamp

Found this lovely little carved and painted lamp base at Value Village. The bottom was broken and had obviously been glued before (see above), but I figured I could try again.

I kinda baulked at the $25 price tag, pretty steep for Value Village, but it’s not like I couldn’t afford it, so I got it.

Later on I picked up a plain $17 lampshade at Homesense for the lamp. When I got it home, I noticed my first issue: I picked the tallest shade they had but it was too short for the giant harp the lamp had.

Must have originally had one of those oversized shades so popular in the 70s and 80s.

Anyway, I did some measurements and determined that a 7″ harp would be ideal but an 8″ one would be OK, and there were 8″ harps available at Walmart for 5 bucks. With that the shade just fit, though I’ll probably keep an eye out for a 7″ harp still.

Anyway, next step was to crazy glue the base to fix it. I’m not sure I totally succeeded, but it’s holding for now.

Now onto the shade. I figured with the colors of the base and the shade, it might be fun to try painting the inside of the shade with gold craft paint so the lamp would have a warmer glow that just the basic white liner. This took a couple coats with Folk Art “Inca Gold”:

(shown here after the first coat, forgot to take a pic after the second).

I probably could have given it a couple extra coats, but we’ll just call it “subtle.”

Once that dried, I decided to glue on some beaded trim I had kicking around from years ago, which I think I got at Dressew for a buck or two. I likes the look but thought the shade needed a bit more definition, so after laying a few different options over it to see what I liked, I decided to layer black pompom trim at the top of the beaded trim’s ribbon:

After that, I added another line of pompom trim at the top of the shade to complement it:

And that was that.

Total costs:

Lamp base: $25
Gorilla Glue Super Glue: $8
Lampshade: $17
Harp: $5
Folk Art gold paint: $3
Beaded trim: $2
Pompom trim: $5

Total: $65