QuiltTube #2

Time for my second QuiltTube video – now with more shaky hand cam action and some DIY overdyed cottons mixed in with a ton of batiks! – wherein I have two finishes (one is a biggie!) and one WIP made form the leftovers of said biggie finish.

Anyway, I show off my evolving free-motion quilting skills, I brag about my first-ever Y seams, I go on a tangent about recording guitars in Pro Tools and house hunting as relates to this month’s little journal quilt, and I pat myself on the back about managing to get things to line up on my slice-and-insert blocks.

PS: I figured since in theory I’ll be sticking to a monthly schedule with these videos, I’ll just piggyback my photos of quilting finishes onto the videos.

First up, that headboard quilt.

Front side is a mostly batik slice-and-insert with some hand-dyed fabrics I did (and blogged about already here). Everything was more or less improvised other than my starting size of 8″ squares and then in the end I squared all the blocks to 7.25″ (ie, 6.75″ showing), which was smaller than intended and resulted in the quilt being too small, but oh well. If you’re looking to do something like this for over a queen headboard and you want it 7 blocks by 7 blocks, probably you should start with 9″ squares and be prepared to chop a lot out. The amount of shrinkage in a slice-and-insert seems to vary on angle of the slice(s), number of slices (since you lose that seam allowance every time), width of the inserts, and there was something else that escaped my mind.

I did plan out a grid of which block would have which background and which color inserts, plus some of them have corner triangles put in and I planned which would go where on that as well, basically I wanted to avoid having the same print in two blocks in a row and I think I pretty much had that. So, each block was numbered:

(I think I put that photo in the dye post, whatever.)

As I mentioned in the video, the original inspiration came from a Stacey Day workshop I ultimately decided against because, well, I’m buying a house and didn’t want to spend the money to go to Quilt Canada for the weekend to do it.

Scroll down to 303 Cross Country A Modern Slice and Insert Quilt: https://canadianquilter.com/quilt-canada-workshops/, dunno how long that link will be live since the conference is now over, though, so I’ll insert the photo that went with it and link that back to Stacey’s blog so you can see the original inspiration. Credit where credit is due and all.

Anyway, hers is more staying in the same color family and I think her blocks were either a lot smaller or that’s a queen-sized quilt or both, and from the supply list on Quilt Canada’s website she used fewer background prints and I think more contrasting prints, plus no corner triangles, plus thinner inserts.

See her Instagram post/gallery of that workshop here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjiTtYmjdZ4/?taken-by=staceyinstitches

Anyway, not nearly chaotic enough for my liking, lol. I have 13 batiks as backgrounds (mostly with pink/purple predominating, but with some more on the brown end of things and a few more on the blue end), and I think for the contrasts there were 5 darker and 5 lighter for the stripes and 5 different greens for the corner triangles.

Since I skipped the workshop, I went looking on YouTube for tutorials, being that I hadn’t made a slice and insert anything before. I found this tutorial particularly helpful, especially the vertical pinning method:

Anyway, the photos of mine:

As you can see most clearly in the last shot, I did free-motion spirals for my quilting.

And as I mention in the video, I wanted it to be reversible, and I thought greens would be a nice contrast there. I decided to try my hand at improvised log cabin, albeit still with some slice and insert piecing along the way, and then for shits and giggles I thought it would be neat to have a centre block on point because hey, if you’ve never made a Y seam before, what better way to learn than with 4 gigantic ones, right?

The back is also mostly commercial batiks, but with some more of my hand-(over-)dyed cottons and in some spots, random printed scraps that seemed to go well.

I started with the 5 squares/rectangles and purposefully made them all different sizes/shapes with the idea of not squaring things up until the end. I kept adding on until the 4 outside pieces measured at least 24″ per side, then cut them down to I think 23.5″. The middle block was smaller at I think 17″ and then I cut the corners off the outside blocks to accommodate it (which are being reused in that pillow project).

Then, to make sure I had the backing a bit bigger than the front side, I added another round or two around the whole thing as one big block, but I think that excess pretty much all got trimmed off after it got quilted.

So that was the big finish of the month, next up, the other finish was my last-minute journal quilt piece for May. 12″ square when finished, and as I say in the video, it references all the time I’ve spent in Pro Tools working on recording lately, plus my house search, plus the royal wedding and that one Kanye West song that sums it up perfectly.