FlossTube #7 – June 2018

Lucky #7, eh? So… I have a bunch of haul, which I keep referring to as “stash,” which I guess is true enough as soon as it enters my house.

Some of that haul/stash has me planning to start straying from cross-stitch to experiment with canvaswork, just as soon as I can get my hands on some size 18 mono canvas. I also start a pulled thread piece and almost immediately have to pick it out because I didn’t count correctly.

In other news, the Cowichan Valley Needlearts Guild has a show in the Portals gallery in Island Savings Centre in Duncan, BC from July 9-20th and some of my work will be in it. And my house search is ongoing and frustrating to the point where I’m considering moving to Winnipeg for cheap houses… until my songwriting partner reminds me there’s a reason they’re cheap and it’s called winter.

(Also, lack of beaches/oceans, which I think I was starting to mention before SQUIRREL!!! happened and I got distracted and never got back to mentioning why I went off on the Winnipeg tangent from the seahorses pattern, lol.)

Oh, and needing to write an artist bio for the upcoming guild show leads me on a long tangent about music artist bios and my collection of Guns N’ Roses crap.

Anyway, this month’s starts/WIPs/finishes include pieces from Carriage House Samplings, Hands On Design, Country Cottage Needleworks, Lizzie Kate, Plum Street Samplers, and more.

Note: I figure since I’m going to be trying to stick to a once-monthly schedule for both QuiltTube and FlossTube, I’ll keep my quilting and stitching blogs together with my video posts and just post pics of the finishes (or FFOs when I get around to making some.)

So… close-ups of the finishes from this one:

“Merry and Bright” by Country Cottage Needleworks:

“Forest Snowfall” by Country Cottage Needleworks:

“Hallow Eden” by Plum Street Samplers:

“Witch’s Garden” from Just Cross Stitch Halloween 2017 special issue (can’t find it right now to get the designer’s name and I didn’t put it in my notes):

And then there was the FFO: Little Flake Tree from Just Cross Stitch’s July/August 2011 issue, designed by Lynda Watkins & Angie Williams of Fresh Threads Studio: