FlossTube #8

Here’s my latest FlossTube video, shot and posted last night:

It’s a hot sticky morning in the kitchen eating nook, but I was up well before my brain wanted to be and decided to shoot the latest FlossTube, wherein I show a couple semi-Priscillafied FFOs, my first couple of canvas work/needlepoint finishes, some WIPs, a couple starts, and a couple of needlepoint charts I have kitted up and ready to go.

Rambling tangents include recent road tripping with my brother to Tofino and Salt Spring Island, seasonal stitching/decorating plans for the house I still haven’t managed to locate and buy yet, my plans for next year’s Embroiderers’ Association of Canada Seminar classes and one of the EAC’s correspondence courses I’ll probably take in the meantime, and I mention a couple new blogs I’ve set up: one of my own and one for my guild.

Anyway, this month’s starts/WIPs/finishes/FFOs include pieces from Hands On Design, Plum Street Samplers, Little House Needleworks, Carolyn Mitchell Designs, Blackbird Designs, Moira Blackburn, and Prairie Schooler.

To see detailed in-progress shots of the pieces in the video, go check out my other blog, Crafty Rock Chick.