About Pyra

June 2019 update: wow is this ever out of date, lol.. I’m still doing the Zamo podcast but the rest of this is kaput. I have another blog for craft stuff (quilting, embroidery, etc.) called Crafty Rock Chick which was hacked at the same time this one was, so probably there’s no backlog of posts there but I was gonna rejig and revive it anyway.

June 2016 update: I’m focussing more on visual arts at the moment, but since I haven’t gotten around to figuring out an artist statement or any of that horseshit yet, here’s last year’s comedy and music related bio:

Pyra Draculea is a Vancouver-based musician, artist, writer, and comedian.

Since 2014, she’s turned her focus to comedy, both stand-up and in podcast form. Her main podcast is a comedy/commentary podcast called Under My Skin, but she has also recently started writing for The Dry Shave Show and occasionally appears on mic there. Other comedy projects include various YouTube bits including her weekly ad-lib trivia thing Monday Music Nonsense and her intermittent Sit Down Monologues.

She also makes abrasive alternative rock under the name maQLu, and has put out several EPs and a couple albums (blood, black, haze, a CD blood.black.haze compiling her first three EPs, Futureghosts, and Malfeasance) that have hit college radio charts across Canada since the summer of 2010. Fans have described her music as “a beautiful abomination” while reviewers have said maQLu’s music is “a breath of fresh air in the electro scene” (James Wright of Soundsphere Magazine) and “an orchestration of foreign, unsettling industrial rock” (Tom Harrison of The Province).

As maQLu she has remixed for other artists including Left Spine Down, iVardensphere, Drowning Susan, and others.

Some experimental/improvisational works can be found at pyradraculea.bandcamp.com.

Draculea also works in the visual arts, painting and drawing since she was small and more recently turning to photography, illustration and comics. Much like her experimental and noise music, she is primarily interested in textures, symbols and metonymy, but she does venture into more illustrative work such as the webcomic Zamo the Destroyer (about a megalomanical iguana), which has more recently been reborn in podcast format with Zamo telling us all about her adventures in pestering the neighbors and her “pet human” Georgie.

As a writer, Draculea has contributed to Vancouver’s Discorder Magazine and the Ubyssey, as well as Spill Magazine, and Street Carnage. She also writes poetry and creepy little vignettes which can sometimes be found on maqlu.com. Other writing projects also exist, but under pseudonyms, so never mind…

She swears that someday she will get an actual book written, but we’ll see how long that someday takes to come.